Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society

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Statement from SAGS president, Richard Crawford



Following the recent board elections, I am happy to assume the role of President of SAGS. 

This organisation has seen many changes over the decades of its existence, and none more so than in recent years. One of the things I am conscious of is that the majority of members come from the central belt - not surprising since most of the Scottish population is from there. However, I do feel that the rest of Scotland is unrepresented and so will be urging our board and members to encourage a wide geographic membership. 

As you may be aware, SAGS was heavily involved in creating the Community Empowerment Act, Section 9 which was focused on allotments and growing food. When this was enacted, there was very little follow-up, but earlier this year, the Scottish government had a review of the impact of Section 9 (I was one of four witnesses that were interviewed) and was told, forthrightly that little change had come about due to lack of monitoring and action. I hope, with my contacts within the Scottish Government and SAGS involvement in the Tripartite group (specifically created to look at these issues) that we might really get things moving with regards to allotments, and other growing groups. This needs your help and support, and I really hope that all organisations involved with the growing scene will work together.