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SAGS Development Group Support Fund - Applications Currently Suspended

One of the Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society’s (SAGS) primary aims is to assist new allotment groups in getting their project up and running.

SAGS understand the many obstacles a startup allotment association must overcome on the path to establishing their site. One common stumbling block is how to meet the costs of items such as planning applications, publishing public notices, hiring meeting spaces etc. before the organisation has an income from a subscribing membership.

SAGS have set up a fund to help cover these relatively small value items, hopefully smoothing that part of the path to project completion.

How to apply:

  • The applicant must be a constituted organisation with a bank account in the name of the organisation.
  • They must be a member of SAGS (Developing Group membership costs £10 for a year – application forms can be downloaded from our website here:
  • Applications should be made by email to [email protected] and should include the following information:


  1. Name of the organisation
  2. Contact details for the individual responsible for the application
  3. A brief outline of the project and what the funding will provide
  4. Amount of money required (max. £1,000)
  5. Documentary evidence of the requirement (eg copy invoice)



Requests for, or offers of, financial support will be considered at a SAGS board meeting and awarded by agreement of a majority at a quorate board meeting.