Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society

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Why join SAGS?

Changes in political, financial and ecological circumstances are making allotment and community gardening popular again. Benefits include both physical and mental wellbeing, reduction of food poverty, a healthier environment, development of communities and the conversion of urban wasteland into productive green space.

SAGS represents the interests of existing and prospective allotment holders in a tri-partite forum with Scottish government and local authority officers. It also raises grant-aided funding to help in securing, promoting and maintaining allotment sites.

In addition, we are able to negotiate deals and discounts on behalf of our members. Recently, we have secured a 25% discount on allotment insurance for all our members. Details of our partner allotment insurance can be found here

We also have members discounts on seeds, seed potatoes and organic products. When you join SAGS, you will be sent a password to enter the members' only page where you will find your discount codes.

You can join SAGS as an individual, a developing group, an association, allotment site or community garden. Membership costs are given on the application form.

Download a membership application form here

To be properly representative, the society needs a wide and communicative membership. Please complete and return the application form to ensure your voice is heard as part of this important community.

We’ll keep growing Scotland’s allotments and gardens so you can keep growing on Scotland’s allotments and gardens.