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Making an Allotment Happen

There are no set rules or processes for establishing an allotment. It depends on where it is, the views of the local community and landowners, the Council’s commitment and how planners respond in terms of their policies and the community reaction. However,  with lots of enthusiasm, ambition and hard work you can make it happen.

Here's our quick guide to the nine steps you will take to establishing your allotment site:

1. Champions

Successful projects usually start with champions who bring people together and help by enthusing others to get involved.

2. Supporters

Champions bring together a group of interested people into a committee. They will collectively establish and share tasks.


3. Find the land

Meet with the planners, look at development plans and maps, talk to local people about possible sites which may be in the most unlikely places. 

6. Planning Support

Have a well prepared plan before seeking approval. Assemble your ideas and plans before consulting Council officers and submitting your proposals.

5. Site Design

Design the site according to the needs of all those involved. Involve all the people who want a plot. Discuss what you can do yourselves and what outside help is needed.


4. Talk and Listen

Make sure the community is on board. Share your vision with neighbours and local community groups. Be sure to listen to any concerns and address them if possible.


7. Sign Lease

 It is important that plot holders obtain a sufficiently long lease to cover their financial investment and their own commitment to nurturing the land.

8. Funding

Grant aid is available so talk to funders about what they will and won’t pay for before submitting an application.

9. Get Established

Allotments can help to transform a place and people working on the allotment can realise their own capabilities and gain significant selfsatisfaction and therapeutic benefit. 

Download the Full Guide

The nine steps above are a summary of the steps outlined in the SAGS publication, Grow your Own Allotment. The full publication contains several case studies plus further details of the nine steps.

You can download the full document here.