Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society

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About SAGS


Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society (SAGS) is the national representative body for allotmenteers and community gardeners in Scotland.

A trustee-run Scottish charity, we promote the health, financial and environmental benefits of allotments and community growing. We provide information and support to members and lobby policy-makers through our links with local and national government.

Our membership includes existing and prospective plot holders, community gardeners, allotment associations and regional allotment forums. We are an inclusive society, open to anyone with an interest in community growing.


During the First World War, many allotments were hastily created to counter the food shortages caused by the German U-Boats and naval blockade. The Scottish National Union of Allotment Holders (SNUAH) was founded in 1917 to represent these new plotholders.

The great depression brought a new crisis, with many unemployed people unable to keep running their allotments. The Union set up the Scottish Allotments Scheme for the

Unemployed. Starting with just £18, and with further funding from donations, the scheme found plots and provided materials.

In 1932 alone, the scheme helped over 2,000 people, distributing almost 3,000 tools, 18,000 packets of seeds, 16 tons of manure and 30 tons of seed potatoes.

The SNUAH was incorporated into SAGS in 1946 and SAGS became a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2020, creating a compliant, modern structure. Sadly, there is still a need to combat food poverty and SAGS finds itself as relevant today as at any time in its history.